School Supply List

Posted: August 9, 2023

2023-2024 School Supply List






Your child will need to have the following items for their first day of school:  

  1. $60.00 School Fee (used to purchase school supplies, materials for crafts, baking, field trips, science projects, etc.) Thank you to those who have already paid!     
  2. A book bag 
  3. A lunch can or lunch bag 
  4. Water bottle 
  5. A pair of indoor sneakers with non-marking soles.

(Velcro please if your child is unable to tie) 

  1. Grades K-1 only: A complete set of clothes (including under garments and socks) to be left at school (for emergency changes). 
  2. Headphones – The grades 1-2 teachers prefer the ones that cover the ears.  Earbuds are fine for upper elementary.  All need plugs, no Bluetooth. 
  3. Grades 3-5 only: If your child has a recorder, they will need it again for music class.  If they do not, please purchase one.  
  4. Two boxes of facial tissue                                                              

10.Grade 5 French Immersion only: a French/English Larousse dictionary. 

Please label everything! 


Thank you,

Rexton Elementary Teachers