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Our words this week revolve around a unique type of transportation; the submarine.  Some of these words have been seen before.  Now our students get to use them with a few different activities this week.  Enjoy!

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Here is an work sheet the students will work on this week.  This accompanies this week's words Le monde des enfants.

I left our words off the site last week, but return with one of our final 4 lists of the year.  This week's words are about the world of children.  They fit some of the experiences children should have, at least, in our part of the world.  Enjoy!

Happy Monday!  Our words this week have to do with living in the country.  When we think of living in the country instead of the city, these words are some of the things that come to mind.  Enjoy!

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Break out your spy glass and cool gadgets, this week, our words go with the classic spy.  From mysterious codes, obvious disguises and the good, ol' reliable magnifying glass, these words are sure to leave an impression.  Enjoy!

Good day to all!  Our words of the week are simply another list of adjectives that students can use when speaking and writing in French.  They're also good to add to their list of vocabulary words.  Enjoy!

Happy Monday everyone!  It's April Fool's Day.  This is no joke.  Our words this week all have to do with Movies.  Just some basic vocabulary about going to the Cinema.  Enjoy!  Note: This week's test will be on Thursday, as students have no school on Friday.

Here is the worksheet the students completed on Friday, March 29 that accompanies our words of the week, March 25 to March 29.

Time for some treasure hunting!  Let the X mark the spot for this week's words of the week.  They are all relating to those legendary treasure chests hidden by pirates all over the world.  Fact?  Fiction?  Who knows?  What we do know is these are our words this week.  Enjoy!

Welcome back everyone!  March Break is over and it's time to get back in the swing of things.  Our latest words revolve around the theme of planes.  We will be using these words in different activities throughout the week up to our test on Friday.  There are some new words in the list.  Enjoy!

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