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Our words of the week are about planes.

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Our words this week are about things that you would find in a kitchen.

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This week's words all begin with the letter C.  Some are familiar from the start and some will expand the students' vocabulary.  Enjoy!

These are our words of the week though will run through to next Thursday, April 12th.  Our words revolve around Treehouse.

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This is the 1st worksheet which goes with our words of the week for March 19 to the 23rd.  Students started this work in class.  Some finished.  Some did not.  It will need to be completed for homework for Thursday, March 22.

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These are our words of the week with the theme of living in the country.

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Posted: February 20, 2018

Our words this week are the names of verbs that end in "er".

Posted: February 12, 2018

These are our new words of the week.  Of course, now that the games have begun, our theme this week is Les Olympiques.  Please note: due to some missed days due to poor weather conditions, there will be no official test with last week's words.  We completed an activity in class which will count instead.

File les_olympiques_12_au_16_fevrier.docx74.38 KB

Posted: February 6, 2018

These are the words we will work with this week.  Our theme this week is Les livres.  :-)

File les_livres_5_au_9_fevrier.docx53.9 KB

This is our work page for our words of the week.  We have kept the same words as we did not complete a test last week due to only 3 days of school.  Also, we completed this work in class together.  :-)

File travaux_pour_la_nourriture_2.docx138.53 KB


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